The porch

Chair, settee and endtable

Chair, settee and endtable (trash)

Last weekend, I decided it was time to do something about the front porch. For several years, there’d been a cute mid-century style settee out there, and a wicker nightstand/endtable thing. Both were from the trash.

I used to have these awesome upstairs neighbors, Liliana and Armando. They got wind of my weekly trash-night furniture hunting crusades and decided to come with one week. We found the settee that week, and carried back on the roof of their car. It was in very nice condition then, and was clearly a quality piece of furniture.

For the several years that L. and A. lived here, we’d often sit out there. I’d have my coffee and Armando would drink his yerba maté out of his special Argentinian tea mug with the weird metal straw thing and sometimes, after he and L. had had their twins, come out to smoke a leftover celebratory cigar. I would sit outside and work or just stare at the cats who lived across the street. It was lovely.

But my nice neighbors moved away. Indeed, they’ve lived in DC, Jakarta and the Dominican since then. Meanwhile, the settee started to rapidly decompose. I’d still go out there sometimes, but it got worse and worse. The fabric had reached a point of sun-bleachedness where it just started to spontaneously burst.

One day I couldn’t take it any more and dragged the thing to the curb. I also threw out the wicker nightstand (that we also found in the trash). Wistfully noting there were still several of Armando’s cigars in the drawer. (Cigars are gross, the wistfulness was missing my neighbors.)

While I was at it, I also threw out the blue chair that had been decomposing on the back porch since Armando left it there when they moved. He’d been planning to refinish it — and I’m sure he would have. He had an excellent track record with such things. But in the intervening years the wood cracked and it was a mess. OK, out with all you crappy furniture. You are not my memories.

[I did go to Ikea and buy 2 wicker chairs and a little laptop table so I can still work on the porch. It looks much tidier now.]

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