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1 vegan star shoe (trash)

1 vegan star shoe (trash)

After tackling the porch I was energized and took a peek into the garage. My sister’s boyfriend was storing his car in there while they were traveling, so I couldn’t really get to the full pile-o-junk-that-must-be-dealt-with. However, I did go through the nearest heaps of things and managed to throw out one big black trashbag worth of miscellaneous items not useful enough to donate or able to be recycled. In the process, I found the prescription sunglasses I lost over a year ago, a bunch of CDs that once lived in my car and I forgot about, several polaroid cameras I bought at various yard sales who knows when, my collection of map books (which are supposed to live in the car), the missing page for NY and NJ from the map book which does live in the car, and, get this, an unstuck JIMMY CARTER FOR PRESIDENT bumper sticker. (No, I’m not that old… not sure where I got that.)

In the ongoing saga of shoes, I threw out an old pair of sneakers that were clearly dead and sadly, one vegan mary jane with metal star studs (the other one wasn’t to be found). Whoa. I used to wear cool shoes.

Threw out some random stuff that had been in the garage since I moved in (pretty sure no one needs carburetor stuff anymore) and various icky wet things.

I contemplated doing something with the box of very very messy letterpress rollers (which are unsalvageable, I think), but decided to leave that and the rest of the miscellany blocked by Lou’s car for another day.

Found a plastic bin of hardcover books that I’d taken from a purge that Wm had about 4 years ago with the intent of — I don’t remember — perhaps reading them? I loaded up all of these books, along with a few more from indoors in a totebag and brought it to my mum, who sells books on Amazon regularly for extra money. I wish I could see her face when she pulls out the erotic anthology!


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