Sunday expurgation round-up

[No, not round-up like the weedkiller poison stuff. Far less cruel.]

Today I took a large bag to the Salvation Army. I would have rather taken it to the AIDS thrift store, but the Salvation Army was open when I was free. Inside said big bag:

  • a bunch of clothes, pajamas, my white satin nightgown (not a nightgown person anymore)
  • all those shoes and other items I was on about collecting last week
  • the neat wooden bowl that my old neighbors left when they moved (I’m sure it’s from one of the interesting countries they traveled to and has story, but I don’t know it)
  • more handbags
  • a black soft suitcase that I found a Coffee Crisp wrapper in – which, through my Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction, I can tell you means I haven’t used it since I lived in Canada and wasn’t vegan, which was over 15 years ago.
  • a few other odds and ends I forget
  • a never used “smoothie machine” (i.e.  a blender with a spigot) that I got as a gift but don’t really need, as I already have a blender
  • Nestlé Coffee Crisp

    Image by cacaobug via Flickr

    In the office, I made a new rule: no more “back up pen drawer”. You see, I’d have all the pens and markers and pencils that I keep in cups on my drafting table and desk, then I had another drawer, for the overflow. I decided that was silly (especially since I always went out and bought new pens rather than exploring the overflow drawer). So I went through it and tested all the pens. Each went either:

    • into a cup on my drafting table
    • into the bag of art supplies for my sister (she’s an art teacher)
    • into the trash, if they didn’t work

    I have a lot of pens and markers and stuff, but being an artist type, who only likes writing and drawing with certain kinds of pens, I think that’s relatively ok. But not I have a finite amount that I’m allowed to have, that I consider reasonable.

    In a perfect world, I would never buy a disposable plastic writing implement again. In fact, I have a whole cup of fountain pens and used to use them almost exclusively — but they are mostly in somewhat bad shape now, and, though I periodically try to revive them, I’ve yet to really get back into a fountain pen groove. I should though – I really do like writing and drawing with them. And using a glass jar of ink for refills rather than disposable pens does seem like a far more sustainable option. I will at least work it into my pen regime.

    I also collected more art supplies for my sister:

    • drawer sheet samples of all kinds of paper
    • glue dots
    • various and sundry items for art and collage

    The bag for her is getting heavy. I might need to start a second one.

    I also found out that Amazon offers a low-commitment way to sell books online where they do the fulfillment (EasySell) – many past jaunts selling on eBay have taught me that I hate and am bad at fulfillment. Sending one box to Amazon though, I may be able to handle. I listed a box’s worth of books and packed them up. Now if I can manage to make it to the post office this week, I’ll feel quite accomplished. I won’t make tons of money if they sell and perhaps I should have just donated them, but I wanted to give a shot at recouping a tiny bit where I could. I am, after all, also trying to get out of debt.

    The books that were too old to be able to be listed with “EasySell” (i.e., they don’t have an ISBN #) I put in a bag to give to my mum to either read or sell herself online. She can handle fulfillment – far more responsible than I am.

    Yes, these are tiny and banal things, but they are part of my great big simplification goals, and part of owning less, being less of a consumer, etc. It helps me to document things, even if only for myself.

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